I have used Homefield for three years working on our baseball and softball fields. Last year we needed some work on our football field. Our administration decided to go with our mowing company even though they had no experience to save a few dollars. We had one event on the field in the rain and it was unplayable. I called Homefield on Monday they came out on Wednesday and did emergency repairs not only saving our varsity football home opener but the rest of the season. They saved me thousands of dollars in rental and re-schedule fees.

Vic from Michigan


Homefield does all the maintenance on my athletic fields. They have been doing an excellent job for more than five years. Each year the fields seem to get better and better. Cancellations are down and coach and parent complaints are virtually non existent.

Kevin from Ohio


Our game football/soccer field was in bad shape I asked around and called Homefield Turf & Athletic to come out and take a look. They came out right away looked things over and gave us a plan and a budget. Well our parents one of which was a landscaper decided they could do the same thing only cheaper. They tried to follow the plan. After one week of play the field was not safe to play on and we were in jeopardy of having to move all home games. I called Homefield, again they came out promptly and gave me a plan. They worked over labor day weekend and were able to make the field safe and playable. We finished that season and now five years later they do all the pre and post season maintenance on our field.

Dave from Michigan